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over 1 year ago

[Live] CORTX Workshop Thursday, June 9th

Are you ready to get started? CORTX Integration Challenge kicks off in 2 days with a live workshop Thursday, June 9th, and we can't wait to see you there. 

We're kicking off the hackathon with an interactive workshop. This is a chance to learn more about how to build an integration, to brainstorm a project, and to get hands-on experience with CORTX itself. 

Save the Date!

Thursday June 9th
9:00am PDT

Google Calendar Link


Developer advocate, Patrick Hession will lead an interactive workshop aimed specifically at answering your questions. Patrick will go in-depth on how to do an integration, as well as how to get CORTX running with CloudShare. Our team of mentors will also be on-hand to help you brainstorm and decide on an integration to build and can help guide you through a more in-depth look at IPFS or MOTR. Don't be shy - come ready to discuss specific topics or any questions you have. 


We're active on Slack! Don't wait for the live workshop if you have questions now. We're happy to help troubleshoot or brainstorm project ideas. Drop us a line.